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First, let me say I am new to linux and so far I love it.

I just installed DSL to an old Dell Inspiron 3000 ( HD Install ) and it runs faster now that it ever did with windows on it.  Now I am trying to get my wireless card working, an EDIMAX EW-7108PCg that uses the RT2500 driver.  So I downloaded that but when I try to compile it make gives me this error
Code Sample

Makefile:154: /lib/modules/2.4.26/build/Rules.make: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target '/lib/modules/2.4.26/build/Rules.make'

I have not had any problems compiling other files so I assume that this is something specific with the RT2500 file.

Anyone have any ideas?

It's a kernel module, so it wants at least the kernel headers, possibly full kernel sources.

The headers are in System, named as kernelsource.dsl. If it still complains, the full kernel source is at

I already had installed kernelsource.dsl, so I went to and downloaded the full source for the version kernel I am running, v2.4.26.  That got it started, make 'config run' without a hitch.  But when I run 'make all' the first command it issues is 'cc -D....' and gives the error
Code Sample
make: cc: Command not found
make: *** [rtmp_main.o] error 127
I googled around and found a threat that said that make will use cc if gcc is not present, but I had already installed 'gcc1-with-libs.dsl'

What am I missing here?

Is this any help?

i.e. I would guess you might need to mydsl-load gcc-2.95.dsl, load the dsl .config and make dep to prepare the kernel for your addtional module to compile properly.

Oh yes. You need the same GCC version as the kernel was compiled with, 2.95. And link gcc-2.95 to cc so it can be found under that generic name.
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