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If you are using the .unc version of gnu-utils then please note that an updated version has now been posted.
Code Sample
Title:          gnu-utils.unc
Description:    GNU Core Utilities - Busybox Replacement
Version:        5.2
Author:         GNU <bug [dash] coreutils [at] gnu [dot] org>
Copying-policy: GPL
-----==[  Color = blue     Filesize:   9.0M  ]==-----
Extension by:   robert[at]damnsmalllinux[dot]org
Comments:       The GNU Core Utilities are the basic file, shell,
               and text manipulation utilities of the GNU operating system.
               05/28/2004 - First version
               07/16/2004 - Revised and Removed Base Directories
               07/18/2004 - Rebuilt for cross-compat
               07/29/2004 - Added missing files
               07/31/2004 - Added locate files for updatedb
       09/19/2004 - Added mkfontdir and files
               12/13/2004 - Added additional files for gtk2
               2006/06/03 - Converted to unc
               2006/12/15 - Added more files
Current:        2008/10/31 - Removed older not needed mount command

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