Themes :: Processes monitoring, memory usage, etc.


Say... I would love to use that feature from DSL on my Ubuntu's desktop.  I have been looking for a theme like that all over the net but I have no idea how to look for or something remotely similar at, etc. (CPU usage, RAM monitoring?)  :(

I love this theme in my DSL distro's desktop and if you could let me know how to install this theme on my Ubuntu box or how to look for a similar theme (I don't like superkaramba...)

Thanks for your help,


1) It's not a theme.  It's an application. It has nothing to do with themes or myDSL packages, so this post is completely in the wrong place.

2) Are you talking about the apps in the fluxbox slit in DSL 1.x, or the app that is drawn directly on the desktop in DSL 2.x?
Google for "dockapps" if it is the first one.
The second one is Torsmo, which can be found at

original here.