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hello I-m new in LINUX and New in DSLªª by the way is a good distro...has bringed back to life to mi pc¿a 100mhz.... 96ram...1.12GB? and it-s great.
Well my qustion isª how do I install the ICEWM themes in my pc¿!!!¿?? can anyone tel me please... I-ve been lookin in google..but nothing..and also may be a I cant install them because Im new using linux...
thanks and wait for your answers....

This is for non-mydsl themes (I wasn't aware that there were any in mydsl, but since you posted in mydsl I figure I should cover my bases).

make a directory called /home/dsl/.icewm/themes
Code Sample
mkdir -p /home/dsl/.icewm/themes

Code Sample
cd ~/.icewm && mkdir themes

Then extract your theme(s) into that directory.  Each theme should have its own subdirectory in .icewm/themes/.

NOTE:  From my experiences with IceWM themes, a large number of them are poorly packaged.  Many of them need to have their file permissions fixed (755 or 775 for directories and executable files, and 644 or 664 for regular files).  While this isn't a major problem in .icewm/themes, they can be troublesome if you decide to make them available to other users by putting them into the systemwide themes directory.

and thanks Bro..I ll try and Ill let yu know thanks for the answer!! bye!! thanks again!!!

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