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Can someone post a copy of > /.flubox/fluxter i want to copy the settings, Please. Thankyou goes to the person that posts a copy.
Everything that is found in /home/dsl can also be found in its original state in /etc/skel.
You will need to be root in order to enter /etc/skel/.fluxbox due to its "owner-only" permissions (700).

Hey milkshaw, I don't have DSL installed, i want it for another fluxbox build and don't like the look of the example file that came with fluxter. I want to set it like it is in DSL. Can you please post the file so i can see the settings? Thankyou.
k =o)

Quote ( @ DSL)
fluxter.autoConfig:                True
fluxter.autoConfig.checkTimeout:   5

fluxter.position:               +1-1

fluxter.desktop.width:          30
fluxter.desktop.height:         30

fluxter.columns:               4

fluxter.rows:                  1

fluxter.raised:                 True

fluxter.window.focusStyle:      texture

fluxter.frame:                 Raised Gradient Vertical Bevel1
fluxter.frame.color:           slategrey
fluxter.frame.colorTo:         darkslategrey

Thank you Mikshaw,
 It worked, but i decided to just lose fluxter all together and go with scrolling on the desktop name. I'm building my own DSL-N type setup using dapper-server install+flubox build up, right now i'm trying to figure out exactly what i want to use, before i install to my laptop. Here's how it looks so far->

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