Themes :: Submiting themes for DSL

I've been working with DSL and Fluxbox for a while, and I've made a couple themes for Fluxbox. How would I go about submiting them? Would I make a MyDSL extension?
If you want to submit them to the DSL project then yes, a themename.tar.gz myDSL extension is the way to go.

Keep in mind that only the "old" type of fluxbox styles are useable in pixmap styles. Also note what background setters are available in doesn't have fbsetbg.

All my themes are compatible with the Fluxbox included with DSL, after, I designed them for it. So tar.gz them, then who do I send them to?
extensions _[at]_ damnsmalllinux [_dot_] org
I guess this isn't posted anywhere?

EDIT: actually some old forum posts have it

original here.