Themes :: world contest of dsl  wallpapers

I open this thread to improve, if it is possible, the aesthetics and the relations of the community dsl.

We will begin for a world contest of dsl wallpapers, every member of the community dsl can send photos of his place of origin or graphical designs.....

1) We need a site to lodge the jpg and to visualize them .... I not to do it, suggestions are admitted..

2) The topics can be :

Urban landscape
Rural landscape
Action humanizes
Graphical design

3) the jpgs can be of 100-300 kb (suggestions are admitted) and free of copyrights a maximun of 10 pictures per member.With every photo a text was sent indicating the title, geographical origin, date and user's name dsl, two lines of text explanatory are optional

4) the contest can be solved by a poll in dsl forum  at the end of the period of contest (2 months).

5) The community dsl can download the photos that are considered suitable for use as wallpapers..

beers to all

EDITED LINKS (to see and send pictures)

to see

if problems goto
dsl world contest

to send (<2 GB)

good idea, but i dont think many ppl will use them wallpapers or will even be part of this contest... i know cos i tried sumthing like this a few times earlier :P
@ jaapz

You are a man of little faith but your skills were saving you...(DSl bible genesis 10-14)

I'm a webdesigner myself, so i know how to work with (x)HTML, CSS , PHP. And i know how to make sites compatible in all browsers.

if you put the support i put the first photos...and begin the legend...

how i can send the jpgs...

pdta. can you solve to make the ciberbrewery ?

beers to jaazp

How i learn to do a web page and to up to webservice ...all done with dsl tools axy-ftp and OOo web can see my initial work in

if somebody have pictures i up them...

beers to all

Your site is blocked in the UAE ???
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