Release Candidates :: DSL v4.0 alpha2

Change log for DSL v4.0 Alpha2

* Fixed bug reported upon shutdown - cleanup now working.
* Added more associations for dfm.
* Updated exit.lua to support swm "exit to prompt".
* Fixed bug with dfm when booted "legacy".
* Added .mtoolsrc mtools_skip_check=1
* Cut rarely used modules (will be available as a separate download).
* Restored netfilter modules for rc.firewall.
* Fixed bug in cpanel concerning start of cron (MyCron).
* Fixed bug in dsl-config for hard drive installations.
* Fixed wrong cloop in core affecting hard drive installations.
* Improved hard drive installation for new MyDSL system.
* Fixed bug in flux2jwm affecting menu items doubling up.
* Updated many icons for better appearance.
* Red folder now opens with root privileges.
* Commented out xload monitor in jwm since torsmo provides this.

Good to see another alpha in this short time. dfm has a new look and nice, looking forward to see the stable version.
Forgot one more item on the change log dsl4a2:

* Added runlevel 3 support, as per suggestion in the forum (dsl 3) provides multiple root text consoles

These alpha releases are not available as torrents?

DSL 3 gives multiple (4) consoles logged in as user DSL, not root.

See also my post in the NET section on Unionfs. The same behavior is seen in DSL 3.4 & 4.0a2.

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