Release Candidates :: DSL v4.0rc3

The third release candidate for DSL v4.0 is now available.

Change log for DSL v4.0rc3

* Added taskbar buttons & click to focus in .jwmrc
* Corrected rdesktop icon to rdesktop.lua
* Added emelfm - dropped mc
* Updated association for *.gz
* Created new Standard Boot floppy & PCMCIA modules floppy.
* Updated getman/man url
* Restored SCSI modules - corrected cdrecord
* Updated .torsmo_ip to fetch ethernet device from /proc
* Updated pendrive_usbhdd script to prompt for boot options.

While it is always best to test from a new pristine boot, but for those who want to try to 'upgrade' the following files and entire directories likely in your backup have changed:


Good job on V4 so far.
Downloaded RC3 to play with. Thanks for reinstalling emelfm.
I was not able to open the "Backgrounds" button in control panel.

I was not able to open the "Backgrounds" button in control panel.

Thanks for reporting, I will fix that one as it should now point to dfm desktop options screen.
Although we really have three systems competing for control of the background, dfm, fluxbox, and jwm.

Emelfm needs added to the Apps directory & menu somewhere.
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