Release Candidates :: DSL v4.0rc5

Change log for DSL v4.0rc5

* Updated murgaLua to v0.5.5
* Updated netconfig.lua - support for .filetool.lst and defaults.
* Updated frugal_grub install to prompt for MyDSL, boot options, and langauge options.
* Added 'checkfs' option to grub menu for frugal grub installations.
* Factored out .jwmrc-tray for better user control of tray icon choices.
* Restored busybox link to provide rpm2cpio.
* Added gettime.lua to jwm and fluxbox menus.
* Addded dfmext GUI, add2bootlocal, add2filetool, and add2Xfiletool to jwm and fluxbox menus.
* Fallback to torsmo v.017  supports no swap based systems.
* Fixed HTML errors in "Getting Started"

Files that are likely in your backup: .jwmrc and .fluxbox/menu
Please update these files to reflect the latest changes.

I still have the same problem as before. I can't point the backup to hda2 on a frugal Grub install. If I do that the system hangs and I have to reset/power off. I tried to manually edit /opt/.backup_device to hda2, when I then reboot it stops with the error something like "can't mount hda2". I can manually mount hda2 and create files on it.

I made the hda1 100 mb so there are some space over and it works without problem to make the backup there.

EDITED: After making one directory and one file on hda2 and rebooted the file and directory is gone so there is something wrong with hda2.
I have created hda2 with cfdisk, rebooted, done mkfs -c ext3 /dev/hda2 and rebooted again but it doesn't help.

EDITED 2: It seems like the problem was to small hd (virtual) for ext3, can it be that? I wanted to simulate installing on a 1gb usb flash so hda2 is only like 700mb, maybe ext3 is not working then. It works when I format hda2 to ext2.

Sorry for bothering with this, I let my post be here but if moderator want to take it away it's ok for me.

I would not recommend a journalizing filesystem on a flash device.
It causes many extra writes (wear out the device) and the physical size of the journal it maintains will quickly exhaust the storage capacity.

I really miss the old mounttool
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