Release Candidates :: DSL v4.4RC2

The second release candidate of DSL v4.4 is now posted and ready for testing.

Change log for DSL v4.4RC2
* Updated mydslBrowser - new feature "Download Only"
* Modified "X Window Snapshot" to save image file with date.
* Added dfm association for easy display of "X Window Snapshot" images.
* Updated .torsmorc for more consistent "used/free/total"
* Modified nfs-common to also start portmap when needed.
* Patched kbdconfig to properly select keymaps.
* Restored fixed and helvetica font for Aterm & Fluxbox resp.
* Modified .bash_profile to eliminate an extra login shell.
* Updated cgi example test.lua to call proper cgi.lua
* Updated dmix for better font support.
* Removed stray line in Fluxbox menu.
* Updated "Getting Started" document with Wiki link and wireless info link.

Files that have changed and are likely in your backup:

Thanks to the community for the many ideas, suggestions, and contributions.

-- Robert

Hi Robert!

This new RC looks good after a quick glance. Good work!

Have fun with DSL all you guys out there,

sounds good, will be trying soon
on the road again...

trying to mydsl download only no runs...begin flashing ...install works well...

when i loaded kuky dsl ucis i will report...

beers to all

edited 30 min after

download only...only download the info file...

download only...only download the info file...

Code Sample
   os.execute(terminal..[[ -title "Downloading ]]..
   myfile.title..[[" -e sh -c "unset DISPLAY && cd ]]..dirname..
   [[ &&  wget ]]..mirror..myfile.location..[[/]]..myfile.title..
   [[{.info,.md5.txt,}]]..[[ && md5sum -c ]]..myfile.title..
   [[.md5.txt && echo Press \"Enter\" to continue && read"]])

That should essentially be wget http://mymirror/extension{.info,.md5.txt,}
Which *should* execute three instances of wget.  It worked that way for me anyway.  I typically use gnu wget, which allows for multiple files, but I tested this with busybox from DSL 4.3

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