Extension Development :: Gnokii

I am trying to get the Gnokii software compiled to use with DSL. Gnokii compiles OK, but Xgnokii is not compiled as the configuration script doesn't recognize the GTK2 as 'installed' using the gtk+-2.10.9.unc extension

I am using the compile-3.3.5.uci, perl-5.8.0_XML.dsl, perl5.8.0.dsl and gtk+-2.10.9.unc extensions - otherwise bare installation of DSL 4.3


I solved the compiling problem - the extension gtk+-2.10.9_devs.unc is also required so that the .pc file is present & pkg-config can verify that gtk is correctly loaded. Once I have tested this software out I will package it as an extension.

You do have the gtk+-2.10.9_devs.unc loaded, don't you?  That would definitely cause gtk2 not to be seen when compiling.
See above - perhaps some more info in the .info files would have been helpful!

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