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I've been working on compiling gparted-0.3.7

It appears not to want to work on the ancient scsi hd on my old desktop (perhaps the same lba problem as grub) and not to want to work on the ntfs partions on my laptop (perhaps because the dsl 2.4.x kernels are too old for ntfsprogs-2) which means I cannot test it.

The extension "should" work with ext2 or fat partions on run of the mill hd - if there's an interest, I can post the extension...

1) gparted works in live cd or is a dsl app ?
2) can run in old pcs or new pcs or both ?
3) can be useful to newbys to prepare hd to dsl install...in old pcs.
4) can be a new ver of gparted to resize  ntfs and create ext2 or ext3 to install dsl to competitive  with vista or xp?


1. I'm speaking of a mydsl extension
2. Any PC that can run dsl
3. If you add the extension to a cd or usb boot, yes
4. Resizing ntfs with gparted seems to be a problem at the moment (you can use the ntfsprogs-2 extension), but ext2 ext3 should be OK

Edit: progress is being made - if I add /opt/ntfsprogs-2/lib to the library path, the ntfs functionality - create, grow, shrink, move - appears  :)

if its added to dsl cd boot i think that be good  idea  for dsl-mania , a burn menu to add gpart app to cd-dsl-boot and a grub menu to boot cd and change hd partitions to load dsl ...

beers to juanito

Beers to Juanito :D
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