Extension Development :: gdb plus strace

I'm separating this from the remastering guide because it's a distinct topic and because there's been some interest expressed in updating the gdb extension.

I did it so that I could make an extension of the Gnu Debugger at the same time.

Did you compress as UCI or just tar.gz? Do you boot toram so that would explain why your RAM use was so inflated?

I'm also curious if you set any other variables when running configure. I just compiled gdb and strace in the same directory (/opt/gdb-6.8) but without any other configure options other than target=i486-linux for either. As a result, I have the following bloat I could cut:
2.5M    ./info
1.1M    ./share/locale
48K     ./man/man1

That's out of a total unstripped 36MB for the whole thing.

I'd remove those to shave off about 10% barring objections from those who'd insist on keeping info and/or NLS (da, cn, vi, es, fi, fr, ja, rw, sv, tr, zh_CN, de, id, nl, pt) even though the online documentation is extensive and adequate.

FWIW, I put these two together because strace isn't nearly as big as gdb and I think the users who'd be interested in one would be interested in the other as well since they can be used in tandem.

I now have a gdb v6.1 .dsl extension - made from a deb package I found in the wild that had been backported (from Sarge?) to Woody.  It's only 4 years out of date as opposed to the 6 year old current gdb extension .

But if you have a more recent gdb uci on the way (good!), I won't bother posting this as an update to ye veryie olde gdb.dsl I put in the repo

WDef - Do you like the idea of including strace or would you be just as happy without?
I had a few minutes to test and look to see what else I can do to get the size down.

BAK = unstripped...
2801724 May 18 18:23 i486-linux-gdb
15808898 May 18 18:23 i486-linux-gdbBAK
2801724 May 18 18:23 i486-linux-gdbtui
15808943 May 18 18:23 i486-linux-gdbtuiBAK
190172 May 18 18:24 strace
640866 May 18 18:24 straceBAK
8362 May 18 16:16 strace-graph (shell script)

Does anyone need gdbtui since it can be called (iirc) from gdb with --i=tui?

Informal poll of those interested in this:
Do you want or even care if I leave in NLS? (See previous entry for languages covered.)
Do you want both gdb and gdbtui?
Do you want strace included or as a separate extension?
Anything else?

Edit: Uncompressed, stripped, without gdbtui (which can still be called from the binary as noted above), with man and info and NLS removed:

du -h gdb-6.8/
1.1M    gdb-6.8/lib
2.9M    gdb-6.8/bin (includes gdb, strace, strace-graph)
3.9M    gdb-6.8

Both strace and gdb seem to work as they're supposed to so far. More testing tomorrow and if there are no objections I'll submit by Tuesday or Wednesday. Unless meo wants to submit it first.

1727930 May 18 22:50 gdb-strace.uci

So ~300kb bigger than gdb.dsl but it also includes strace.

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