Extension Development :: Freetype header problem

I'm having a crack at building Qt on dsl.

Running into errors beginning with:

Code Sample
/opt/compile-3.3.5/include/ft2build.h:55:38: freetype/config/ftheader.h: No such file or directory


Never mind, I think I know what it is.

cairo uci also contains freetype, and I had that loaded. The build was looking at that instead of the freetype inside the compile uci since running freetype-config --cflags was pointing at the cairo headers.  I think.

That sounds about right - compile-3.3.5 contains freetype-config pointing at the base dsl freetype, whereas cairo-1.2 has freetype-config pointing at the freetype in cairo-1.2

I did things that way as cairo-1.2 was a "building block" on the way to compiling gtk2, gnomelibs, etc.

With the pkgconfig flag set, I don't think you'll need cflags to point at the cairo headers?

Removing cairo uci and remounting compile uci sorted that out.
Qt4 compiled, much to my amazement :=)

Explicitly set the include path to freetype2 and then ran into the PATH_MAX error,  or so I realized after tracing back through the header errors.  I don't really know if it's kosher but I got around it by setting:

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#define PATH_MAX        4096 /* # chars in a path name including nul */

at the top of the compiler.h header in the Qt4 sources.

That value is what I assume it is supposed to be from linux/limits.h, but I don't really know (or why Qt4 can't find that).

The demos look very nice indeed - ultrasnazzy guis.

It's huge.  Stripping both binaries and libs gets it down to 570MB (from 1GB).

There are some other things that might be able to come out, but I'm loathe to remove the docs, demos or examples because it's a full development kit for using Qt4, and those things are accessible via its own guis, which would be nice to keep for programming.

I'll see what size uci it creates first - all of the text etc docs will compress to nothing.

EDIT:  might be ok to just put the QtCore and QtGui libs in a uci (that is the absolute minimum I think), but there is always going to be something that comes along that won't run.

Overly obsessing about the size of ucis is absolutely pointless anyway imho, it makes no difference whatsoever, except to the download size, and to all the things that won't run or to the lost functionality of the package because some key thing has been removed.

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