Site News :: free CDs of recent (but not current) DSL releases

We often have a few CDs of the previous version of DSL floating around when we come out with a new release.  If you want one send us a self addressed stamped envelope with 60 cents of postage on it.  I'd be happy to send them out to anyone who wants one.
Thanks John for this nice idea!


Where do we send this SASE?
I don't live in the US, how can I receive the cd?

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It is first come first served.  So, if I run out of CDs then you will go into a folks will have to wait until I have more left over CDs.

Send the  SASE to:
John Andrews
P.O. Box 4504
Foster City, CA

International SASEs are fine, just make sure you have enough postage for the CD to get back to you.


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