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Change Log for DSL v4.3

* Updated Firefox browser to v2.
* Updated murgaLua to v0.6.8.
* Updated nano-tiny to v2.0.7.
* Updated and consolidation of mydslBrowser with new mydslBrowser.lua.
* New picture puzzle added to Games collection.
* New calculator.lua replaces calcoo.
* Optomized minirt24.gz - much smaller.
* New background and theme for both JWM and Fluxbox.
* Updated 'noicons' boot option to suppress icons in JWM.
* Fixed removal of mydsl extensions on traditional hard drive installations.
* Dropped SCSI modules for needed space - available in the modules section.
* Fixed CD recording scanbus device error by adding scsi/sg.o module
* Updated editor.lua - menu issue resolved for new murgaLua version.
* Updated dmix.lua to support multiple sound card channels with 3-way toggle on sync button.
* Dropped mixer_common.lua - not needed with new dmix.lua program.
* Updated exit.lua - added support for environment variable BACKUP=0.
* Removed unsupported 'groups' command and moved to gnu-utils.
* Corrected permissions on fusermount so normal user can use sshfs.
* New mydslSqlSearch.lua, a personal tool that some may find of intrest.
* New icons for xpdf and files-exec.
* Fixed mydsl-wget from using /var/tmp s/b /tmp.
* Added perl

Thanks goes to many community members for ideas, suggestions, and contributions.

-- Robert

Files that have been updated that are likely in your backup.


Hello Robert!

I've just finished a quite extensive remaster of the new DSL 4.3. The remaster includes: flex-bison-libtool, gnu-utils, gcc1-with-libs and I also compiled the GNU debugger into it from source-code etc. It seems to work well so thanks for all your hard work with this release!

As always have fun out there,

The remaster includes: flex-bison-libtool, gnu-utils, gcc1-with-libs
- off-topic, but you should try compile-3.3.5 one of these days :)

cool release! will be trying it soon

hmm, first thing i see is that 60%/70% of the taskbar is dominated by buttons with text. plz remove that text! text is for the menu, not for simple quickstart buttons.

It's a beautiful thing!
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