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DSL v4.4 final is now posted.
Change log:
* New Lua/Fltk refactored for enhanced performance.
* New Fltk library now available for C/C++ programs.
* New fldiff -  File Diff GUI Viewer.
* Update to rsync to v3.0.2
* Updated mydslBrowser - new feature "Download Only"
* Modified "X Window Snapshot" to save image file with date.
* Added dfm association for easy display of "X Window Snapshot" images.
* Updated .torsmorc for more consistent "used/free/total"
* Restored Firefox default search engines.
* New low resource background & theme.
* New font added smoothansi - used in jwm menu.
* New .luafltkrc for Lua/Fltk theme and defaults.
* Updated dmix.
* Updated man script, new -o -b options and site.
* Fixed permissions on fusermount.
* Fixed cpanel bug to turn off ssh daemon.
* Modified nfs-common to also start portmap when needed.
* Patched kbdconfig to properly select keymaps.
* Modified .bash_profile to eliminate an extra login shell.
* Updated cgi example test.lua to call proper cgi.lua
* Removed stray line in Fluxbox menu.
* Updated "Getting Started" document with Wiki link and wireless info link.

Files and directories that have changed and likely in your backup:

Note: Use the new tool fldiff to see the differences in these files.

Thanks to the community for all the ideas, suggestions, and contributions.

-- Robert

Hi Robert!

DSL 4.4 looks nice trying it out for the first time. Seems to be very good and solid. Good work Robert and everybody else who has made this release possible. Most appreciated!

Have fun moving further with the DSL project,

Hi Robert!

There is a problem with the fonts in Dmix. It's hard to explain so you'd better see for yourself. I have booted with base norestore legacy so it cant be anything that has to do with my backup or so. If it can be fixed somehow I'd really want to know.

Have fun in your good work with DSL,

EDIT: The fonts really look weird and for the record I run DSL-embedded from an usb-attached memorycard with: dsl fromhd=/dev/sda1 frugal etc.

Just booted to see what meo was talking about. It looks like it's using three different font sizes, two of which probably don't belong.

Note to Lua/FLtk script writers:

This brings to light that when constructing very small GUIs or when selecting font sizes via labelsize, then it is best to set the font required by your script and not rely on user selectable .luafltkrc

You can set the font for your script by inserting the following line:

Fl:set_font(0,"fixed") or Fl:set_font(0,"smoothansi") or whatever font is required.

For example in dmix, I placed it after the require:
vs = {}
v = {}

Still not sure why all the labelsize are included in this script but labelsize(4) to labelsize(22) caused the wide variation of fonts when a scable font (helvetica) is used, as in .luafltkrc

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