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I have posted a very minor update DSL v.4.4.1

* Fixed dmix mixed font size issue
* Added Firefox desktop icon

Note: The addition of the Firefox desktop icon means that .dfminfo and .dfmdesk/ have changed. These files are likely in your backup.

I have pulled DSL v4.4 and V4.4.1 over the murga incident.

I would really like to see the same conditions applied to all users of the murgaLua project.
And that being as quoted by John Murga it is a  command line utility.

The direction of his project, his personal public attacks without making private contact, over a derived work made outside the DSL project make any desire to use or promote his project untenable.

I am open to alternate suggestions for a replacement. Perhaps just using fltk with fluid and lua for general scripting. Never mixing the two.

I suppose whiptail could be used to provide some sort of script-based interface for some things.

I'm torn, though...I *really* like murgaLua, regardless of the muck that has recently seeped in, and unless some other simple and light script+gui can be found I will continue using it on my own system.

Tcl/Tk is pretty fat, and I haven't found Tcl to be a terribly easy language to pick up, but that's one alternative.

I've seen a few lua bindings and one or two other things for Tk and gtk (gtk-server I think?), but can't tell you much about them.

I too really liked the murgaLua interface. Tiny core would have been a great host for promoting it.

But.  I was warned about the Puppy connection very early on. I chose murgaLua based on merits and not the assocation. I guess I was wrong.

I still think there is no GPL violation. But at this point, would I want to trust a major portion of my stuff to an individual of that character.

So sad.

Whether there was a violation or not, it was the wrong way to handle it. All he had to do was ask what was going on and, if not satisfied, ask that you correct anything he felt was problematic or wrong. The fishy part of it is, he only complained about source and copyright when he felt DSL "butchered" the bindings and he's opposed to that being done. Opposed enough to consider changing the license to prevent it and to say in his forums that he wouldn't "support or condone it."

I looked briefly before I went to bed and only saw a couple things mikshaw mentioned.

Are other languages on the table? I know lua is smaller and faster than many others and was chosen for that. I'd hate to see an entire rewrite of scripts just to get the graphical interfaces...

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