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DSL v 4.4.3 is now available for download.

* Fltk editor replaces editor.lua, i.e., our notepad.
* flminicalc replaces calculator.lua.
* dslexit replaces exit.lua.
* Improved hostname support via host boot code and networking as suggested by chaostic.
* Updated minirt24,gz to support knoppix_dir and toram as suggested by chaostic.
* New bootfloppy with improved minirt24.gz from above.
* Clean up and removal of unused files as suggested in the forums.
* Updated /etc/filesystems as suggested by Lucky13.

Files that have changed and are likely in your backup:

rs: re 4xxx versions.
Have you noticed the lack of activity in the forums/topics ever since dsl_core was released?.

Hope this does not mean a lack of interest. I for one really appreciate and enjoy the 3x and 4x versions being a relative newbie to Linux.
Reading all the questions and responses has been a tremendous help.

Ye...same here, i think acctually DSL 3x and 4x are more interessting than DSL core (even though the new kernel is quite amazing) as they have most packages already and don't need to be installed manually which saves a lot of time and is easier!
Thanx :)

As long as there is interest in a kernel 2.4 gtk1 system, I will keep it going.
Robert in 4.4.2 thread.

Good grief, the last release of 4.x is only 7 days old.

dslcore is in alpha development.
A Community Edition is the target of such.

I honestly, don't know how to respond.

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