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Version 4.4.4 is now posted:

* Fixed bug in - calling non-existent busybox applet
* Added support for environment variable BACKUP=0 to change the default backup option in dslexit

I keep on seeing home/dsl in /opt/.filetool.lst, I delete it and after some time it appears again. I don't need /home/dsl in my backup cause I use persistent home

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It is a safety valve that has been part of DSL for as long as I can remember.

If you wish to disable it, look at /usr.loca.bin/ and comment out or delete lines 49-51.

Then add /usr/local/bin/ to your /opt/.filetool.lst and that should do it.

I'd noticed this seemed to be happening. It isn't in the 3.x series. I have been playing the 4.x series as true frugal installs with the home directory being backed up. I guess I'd have really noticed once I moved to the 4.x series as the primary install with the /home directory on a different partition to allow it to be persistent - backing that up would fill up the partition used to store the backup file!)

This information might be worth adding to the 'help' file displayed by dillo.

You are correct. It was not part of 3.x and only in 4.x.
I will remove it in the next cut of 4.x.

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