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DSL Version 4.4.7 is now posted.


This minor update consists of user requests.

* Added fluxbox dock app, Dropped wmswallow. Moved fluxter into slit to better accomodate wm restarts.
* Added .sylpheed/sylpheedrc with associations for: firefox %s, editor %s, xmms %s, and xzgv %s
* Adjusted .jwmrc & .fluxbox/menu Swap file now calls swapfile.lua instead of the dialog version.
* Improved backup. Now tests success before final shutdown. Dropped /opt/, moved backup call to in
* Added directory option to restore boot code. Once used, must always specify, will not autoscan down into directories.

Files that have changed and likely in your backup:

Note: Use extreme caution if you update your .sylpheed/sylpheedrc
You may want to note only the differences in your file and the one in /etc/skel/

Note: Use extreme caution with the new backup/restore. Best to make a copy and move it for safe keeping. Manually remove/rename /opt/, as it is no longer used in 4.4.7.

Note: I will leave 4.4.6 in the current directory until I hear from those who requested the new features in 4.4.7

Note: It is always best to test new features with boot code of: base norestore

I don't have my DSL laptop to hand at the present time, but....

Will the acpi power button event be affected by the removal of IIRC is called by the power-button event to carry out a shutdown of the system.

Are you talking about extensions? I don't have any acpi capable laptops to test.
I suppose you can add a call to from if wanted/needed.

I'll check when I get back to my laptop & post the results.
I was thinking it was " shutdown" that was called by a power button event?
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