Site News :: dsl-4.4.8.iso

* Added "aterm window" to display backup is occuring.
* Restored Fltk plastic scheme
* Added new menu option to .fluxbox/menu to restart to reflect pendrive additions.
* Added jwm tray button for mount.lua
* Removed opt/ from default filetool.lst

Files likely in your backup that need to be updated:

Homepage still reflects 4.4.4 as the latest 4.x release.

And as a future idea, could be changed to try to relaunch itself or scan for new additions every x minutes? only concerns fluxbox. Both of which are very old versions to accomodate older hardware that DSL targets as well as the self imposed 50MB limit.

Using the default JWM and mount.lua one does not have the issue of re-reading /etc/fstab.

Trying to satisfy both camps of fluxbox and slit applets and the much lighter resource jwm is pushing the limits of 50MB.

Each fluxbox slit applet is taking more resources as it is already a constantly running application. This was in fact the reason to try to move away from fluxbox and slit applications. Even though many thought I was trying to look like Windows. The fact is JWM is uses much less resources and performs better on older hardware.

Personally, I prefer less running processes and find that a simple click on-demand and only when necessary is the better solution.

Fluxbox only remains in DSL in respect to the founder of this project. If it were up to me it would be gone.

Hey how about this as a compromise for the fluxbox desktop.
I drop and the use of the slit. Move fluxter back to its original position, bottom left. Then create a desktop icon and menu item for mount.lua ?

Then those who want to use the slit can grab the mydsl extensions in the WM area.

yup, that would work for me. my 200mhz 96mb thinkpads run fine with my personal pref of fluxbox & rox pinboards, the latter will mount drives.
does fluxter use much?, its a bit of a luxury imho.

talking of our beloved founder, i read that there is little contact of late, and domains are lapsing. I thereby hope this does not affect the continuation of this innovation at a time of environmentalisation.

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