HD Install :: Setup raid system hard drive


Is there anyway to setup a raid drives with DSL? software? hardware?


perhaps if you enabled synaptic and downloading the raid-tools

Other than that I have no clue! It would be awesome as hell to create a "HUGE" RAID-5 Data storage device using DSL.....but I dont know how hard that would be...


This would be something to explore. Sounds like a nice project for the advance user. unfortunately I am a linux newbie. :(

But I want to learn more. DSl is a very nice package.

as a software solution, i think you limit the capabillity.  you would need a non raid drive to boot from.
i want to build a Raid1 1Tb storage using an itx board and 2 1tb sata drives and will be using a raid pci card (10 from ebay).
(thou I will also probably boot from a 1gb ide "Disk on module")
this should store all my music nicely with backup and serve it with edna.

original here.