HD Install :: Frugal Install -- No MyDSL?

Hi -- thanks for your help,

I have just installed using the frugal install option.  When I click the MyDSL button it says it can't open the mydsl directory.

Am I missing something?


What is the exact message you get?
It says "Could not enter directory /mnt/hda3/mydsl"


so your mydsl directory needs to have its permissions changed.  First, though, what file system does the mydsl partition have?  If it's NTFS you've made a mistake.  If it's FAT I'm not sure...I'm guessing you should be able to work with it, but a filesystem that is accessed by Linux only should be a Linux file system.  If it's a Linux filesystem, I suspect that you only need to change its permissions to 755, and maybe change the ownership to 1001.50 if you want to add more extensions to it.
By the way, you rock Milkshaw...you have helped me before.  I am running three partitions.  1.  Linux swap.  2.  Linux ext2. 3.  Linux ext2. When I look at the /mnt/hda3 directory in the terminal it doesn't show a mydsl directory.  When I frugal installed I pointed the MyDsl question to hda3.
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