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I have a HD install od DSL 2.2. I need to export MP3 from Audacity. I have Audacity working fine but how and where for the use of lame.dsl file has me confused. TIA.


I can only speak from the point of view of a Frugal install. With a frugal install, you load the Lame.dsl package the same as any other. Put it in the directory that you have designated as your myDSL directory. Open a file manager, like EmelFM and select the lame.dsl file. Then click myDSL or just double click it to load it. If you place the file in the top of your partition that holds /knoppix, then it will load automatically on bootup.
Also, there may have been additional instructions in the text file that appears when you select it in the repository, but I don't remember.

In addition to Doobits post, you might have to go to Preferences
in Audacity, select File Formats, hit the Find Library button,
and tell Audy where to find your Lame lib, usually in /usr/lib.
Can't say for sure where the Lame.dsl puts it, but thats a good
place to start looking.

Thanks for the advice. I decided to not use the lame.dsl file and DL lame program from their site. Once compiled and installed on my HD all is fine w/ Audacity exporting MP3s.


How do you compile it?!?
Can't do it :(
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