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I have a notebook with Debian Lenny, for me, and another one with the latest DSL for my nephew.

I need to install multimedia plug-in on Firefox to see Disney web site, etc. but I haven't understand where i must start on DSL !

On Iceweasel, on Debian Lenny, I have MozPlugger 1.10.2, Shockwave Flash 9.0 r124

Thank you !
GbMax78 :)

You'll probably need to install some version of Flash.
(v7 is easier to install if that works for you, but v9 can be installed should you require it)

Thank you for your reply !

I'd like to install Flash v.9 but I don't know where I can start...

I have find a link it is correct ? There is a best way to install Flash on DSL ?


Don't know if there is a how-to guide out there.  It looks like that site that you posted copied some parts of this forum and it doesn't really make sense.  I'm not sure why.

In general I think you'll need gtk2, a compatible browser (i.e. firefox-gtk2), an updated version of the glibc (2.3.2 with extra patches, or 2.3.6?), and flash 9 itself.

I have read on this forum, about Flash Player 9, old problem about update gtk2 with browser crash etc.

The right version for DSL, for me, is only Flash 7...


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