Multimedia :: DD on music CD?

Is there some tricky parameter or option you could enter  [[with the DD command]]  to make generate a  copy of an entire music CD?  I know yoy can copy an entire iso9660 CD with the command
  dd  if=/dev/scd0  of=whatever
and it does not matter whether the iso filesystem is "mounted".  No luck with various attempts on music CD's.

-Harry Wertmuller

I assume it should work, though I have no audio CD to test at the moment.  Maybe it's got copy protection? Many copy-protected DVDs seem to fail with dd, or if I try to mount it and read the vob files directly.
personally I would doubt it.  
A CDDA or cd digital audio does not contain a file system, but a digital stream of data and a table of contents containing info of beginning and end info for track times (frames).

Im guessing that dd should just copy it verbatim but after trying it, no such luck.  what would you save it as, its not an iso so how would you mount it?

I know you are talking about command line but the CD Burn App under the tools menu might do it.  I had problems with the CD Burn App with a frugal setup but once I changed the settings to work on the harddrive partition it works great.  I haven't used it for audio CD's but I use it a lot for writing data CD's.

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