Networking :: sendmail qmail mailx and masqmail NADA!

Need some mailtool for my script to work. (smtp)
Apt-get says in his own way that my linux is useless.
Aaaarchrrr.. anybody out there?

I know this is an old post.

But i was searching the forum for a simple email tool that can be used from command line or inside a script. I did not find an answer here.

In my search on the Net I found sendEmail-1.55 by Brandon Zehm. A great tool. It is in Perl, so pretty much plateform independent. I used it in my script to send system log file once a week. It works great.

just thought to share.


This is a very old post!

However this sendEmail-1.55 by Brandon Zehm is just the tool I needed.

I just need to send a daily report so this simple Perl script is just perfect for that. No need to install bigger software package.
So easy to use

Thanks a lot

original here.