Networking :: Baffled by ISA Ethernet

I have a PI 166Mhz desktop I want to revive with DSL, but since my graphics card takes up my PCI slot, I only have ISA slots remaining.  I have a 3com Ethernet III (3C509B_TP0) ISA card installed.

When I boot, DSL detects both an eth0 and an eth1 controller and backgrounds them (even though there is no other on-board ethernet).  Attempts to configure either eth0 or eth1 with auto DCHP fails.  

When I switch out this card, and install a PCI ethernet controller, only one card (eth0) is detected and the internet is easily accessible.

I have trolled a few forum posts and while the Ethernet III has shown some problems, none mentioned having two ethernet controllers detected.

Is there a simple boot cheatcode that I am missing, or will configuring this ISA card require a more in-depth solution?

Thanks for any assistance...

I didn't dig deep enough in the posts.  Sorry.

If this is your problem, look here...

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