Networking :: intel 8/16 306451 ISA Ethernet not detected

I have an Intel 8/16 ISA 306451 ethernet card that fails to be detected upon startup.  I am stuck with ISA ports since my video card occupies my PCI slot.

PnP is disabled in BIOS.

I found this script in the forums for a different ethernet card solution:

sudo su
modprobe 3c509 irq=11

I replaced '3c509' with '306451' and it indicated that the module is not present.  Is this script a proper solution which is missing a module, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Also, I am clueless as to the proper irq value for this card.

Finally, it seems that the above script would not be persistent upon subsequent reboots.  How could I insert it in a boot script in order to avoid typing it each time I reboot? (In particular, I would like to force DHCP mode without user confirm).

Thanks for any and all assistance.

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