Networking :: dsl and wlan

Got a lot of questions. Hope you do not mind. I am trying to get a netgear card working. It is on the list of cards that are verified but I do not know what I am doing. I am using the drivers listed here. "post 166571"

To use ndiswrapper do I need a working copy of windows loaded on the same comp. ? And how do I get it to show up where the /mnt/windows/ shows up? What else do I need to know.

You don't need windows but only the drivers.  I am not familar with Netgear but all I did was copy the .inf and .sys files to the /home/dsl directory.  In the control panel ndiswrapper button enter the full path and .inf file name.  If it is open wifi you can leave everything else blank.  This makes a file in /opt that you might have to add to and filetool.lst to stay put.  Search the forum and wiki for "wifi" to find other good stuff.
Got it working. What I did is built the windows dir then copied my files into it and renamed wg311v3.inf to netcard.inf. It worked like a charm.

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