Networking :: Getting Nokia C110/C111 Wireless card working??

Can someone help me trying to get this card working?

I have a Nokia C110 which according to this site:
Works fine in Linux

I loaded up DSL and it detected the card OK but I don't think it loaded any driver for it.

Also, I tried the wlancardconfig which exited telling me "no wifi cards found"

prisim2 setup program also did not work.

I suspect I will have to get and install the drivers from somewhere. Can someone help me do this?

DSL is an older kernel, but you might try ndiswrapper.  This uses the windows drivers.  Save the inf and sys files in your home directory or /opt (some make them into a tgz file and put them in mydsl).  Search the forum for ndiswrapper or pump.
I tried ndiswrapper but it didn't seem to work.

I'm pretty sure the only linux drivers which work are the ones from Nokia, but I have no idea how to compile them on DSL.

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