Networking :: Working Wireless Cards

Greetings DSL users!

If you have a wireless card that works in DSL, and is not currently listed in the Wiki.

Then please help out the community by sending a message to our WikiSysop; user Green

If your card works with no effort required, please put that fact in the message.

If you need to use the Prism2 gui to set it up, put it in the message.

If you need to use ndiswrapper, or jump through any other hoops to get the card working, then please state that along with a short description of what is needed to get it working, like the examples below.

Code Sample
foobar abc123xc (ndiswrapper)
ichi-ni-chan wl234nx5 (compiled drivers available from the ichi web site)

Thanks for contributing!

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original here.