Laptops :: sound with YAMAHA OPL3SAx

I've bought an old laptop for $20... because I've already tried Linux Mepis... and appreciate the experience... I decide to find a disto that can run on a P2 @ 233Mhz with 32M RAM.

DSL is just perfect for this. Everything work well...Except the sound

I've tried few things, but I'm not sure what I should do

I loaded the following package -> gnu-utils, dsl-dpkg, alsadeb
but i'm not sure if alsa work correctly, maybe it's not well installed;f=8;t=11154;hl=opl3sa

There is some info. Alsa is not needed.

I've already tried modprobe...but..

sudo modprobe opl3sa2

work bether than

modprobe opl3sa2

:;):  my mistake.....but the error generate by the second commande wasn't very clear

now this laptop have a second life

Please see:



see section 2


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