Laptops :: where is xorg.conf file on DSL 4.4.20?

Can someone advise if Xvesa included in DSL4.4.10 is based on Xorg? I wanted to configure manually the xorg.conf file to add some specifications about display and frequencies but i do not find the configuration file. Whre is stored data?
I have ibm560e working with XFree86 4.4.1 but half of the screen is not working ok (some refresh issues)
When execute Xvesa included in DSL4.4.10 with 800x600x16 resolution i can only see many colors in the screen. I have a trident card.

No it's not based on Xorg.  There is no config file, just commandline options added in .xserverrc.

Curaga has made some custom Xvesa servers, including one for trident cards, which are currently in the testing section of the mydsl repository.

If that still doesn't work, xorg is in the uci section.

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