Laptops :: IBM 600 Sound Issue

Hello. The ibm thinkpad 600's sound does not work upon first boot (nor does video). Video works after doing fb800x600, but sound still doesn't.

I was able to find the following commands to run to get sound working:

modprobe sound
insmod ad1848
insmod uart401
insmod cs4232 io=0x530 irq=5 dma=1 dma2=0

This did fix the sound. But how do i get this to happen automatically upon booting?


You can add those commands inside in /opt and then save with a backup when rebooting and sound should be there next time.
i have used these machines alot with dsl, it is my "netbook" of choice!

i use the command
Code Sample

modprobe cs4232 io=0x530 irq=5 dma=1 dma2-0 mpuio=0x330 mpuirq=9

it is also worth noting that the quickboot option in the bios should be off, else it wont work.

with video you should boot with the bootoption xsetup then go thrugh and change the xserver opton to "xfbdev" which will remain after doing a backup.

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