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Title: DSL noob with DNS problems
Post by: wacojohn on September 03, 2015, 12:54:41 AM
Just installed DSL current version a couple of hours ago. Fairly certain I did it right. . but maybe not.  Hard drive install.  Everything seems to want to work except accessing online. I'm ethernet connected to router, but can't ping anything but myself.

ifconfig looks fine but maybe not .. I am posting this from an Android tablet  need to minimize typing.

Setup/Net setup/netcardconf
interface  eth0
DHCP broadcast. Yes

If I change to no

Interface  eth0
Address IP blank
Broadcast  blank
Gateway blank
Nameserver (s)  and blank.

Ifconfig only lists 'lo' .. no ethernet.
The imprint on the desktop says Host:  box   and an IP address.  If anyone can tell me where to go from here, I thank you in advance.

So far, I really like DSL.  Came off of Lubuntu for it. It is just right for this old machine.

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