Tips For Adsense

I've said that I am a big fan of Adsense, and there is a good reason for it. Adsense has been DSL's single biggest earner. Over the last year I've been able to increase my adsense earnings 10 fold. Below are some random pointers that should help you increase your Adsense earnings.

Put Adwords on pages that get traffic. This seems obvious, but you really need to apply this principle to benefit the most from Adsense. This usually means putting ads on your index page, your forum pages, and any other section of your site that gets a healthy dose of traffic.

Put Adwords near the content of the page. You need people to see your advertisements. Putting them off in the corners will mean that most will just ignore them.

Make the ads blend into the site's theme. Why? Not to trick your user base! No, it is to combat ad-blindness. Your user base has grown accustom to ignoring advertisement. By making Adsense look like the rest of your site that "ignore" switch will be less likely to be set.

With geeks,(your and my target audience) you will find that text links tend to do better than image advertising.

Mix up your ad space style, people are more likely to notice ads if they vary in size, color, or dimensions throughout the site.

Expect your earnings per ad impression to be less than the average site out there. This is just part of being in the technology space, and even more so with people interested in Open Source software. You may earn a small fraction of what an average publisher will earn on the same amount of traffic. But, don't let that discourage you. You will have a much easier time getting traffic than a typical website. Your measurements are just different than Bob's fishing site.

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