Finally, a word on Passive vs. Active Earning

All the money earning strategies fall into two classifications: passive earnings, and active earnings.

Lets list the various revenue streams...

Active Earning:
Selling Software
Selling Related Items
Selling Consulting
Working on One Off Projects

Passive Earnings:

A you should know from reading my thoughts on the subject I believe that the passive streams are much easier to maintain if your project's website is built in the manner I described earlier. At DSL our passive earning is higher than our active, and that is how we want it to be. Every dollar made in the active category takes time away from our project's development. With passive earning we are free to improve our project. We believe in passive earning so much that we even put Adsense ads in our store to increase our earnings per transaction even though it may mean a net loss in sales.

So, if you have a dream of working on your labor of love full time remember that you need to think like a web publisher to fully take advantage of your projects passive earnings potential. In fact you will be everything a web publisher is, but you will have a distinct advantage -- the strength of your project to bring in a substantial user base.

Best of luck to you,
John Andrews
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