All This Bad News

You have probably thought about all this before and have had similar conclusions. If so, you may think that your chances of receiving a modest income from your Open Source project is low. If you look to the Internet for inspiration or methodology you may again conclude that the prospects are dim. But you would be wrong! Here is the truth, you CAN pull a modest income from your open source project, but you need to think outside the traditions laid out by the corporate world. You need to also think out side the box: be patient, diligent, driven, resourceful, and believe in what you are doing.

Before I dig into to what I know, and how to benefit from my experience, let me just say that I am writing to you with humility, I do not pretend to have ALL the right answers. I am no Guru on this topic, but I do have a lot of practical experience. What I promise you is an honest opinion and an outline of what has worked for DSL.

Okay, lets get started...

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