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Question: Why do I still do regular HD installs of DSL? :: Total Votes:131
Poll choices Votes Statistics
I don't know about or understand Frugal installs 45  [34.35%]
I don't know about or understand CF/USB installs 3  [2.29%]
I don't know about or understand Mkmydsl Live CD's 6  [4.58%]
I don't know about or understand the MyDSL applications 3  [2.29%]
I am concerned about low RAM 21  [16.03%]
The MyDSL repository does not contain an application I need 15  [11.45%]
I just like to do it and am not going to change 32  [24.43%]
My mom told me to and I always do what she says 6  [4.58%]
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Topic: Why do I still do regular HD installs of DSL?, learning and educating< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
clivesay Offline

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Posted: May 16 2005,16:25 QUOTE

I have noticed lately that people are still doing regular HD installs and breaking or trying to remaster them. Many of us who have been around here awhile never run regular HD installs. We are either running from CD, usb, poormans or frugal. I actually have frugal installs running on P133's with 32mb ram. It would be great to get some feedback from the community to get an idea on how we can better educate the user base on the different options and possibly learn about some improvement areas.

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AwPhuch Offline

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Posted: May 16 2005,16:44 QUOTE

Biggest thing is frugal, and learning what/how to backup stuff on a reboot..this is probably the biggest hurdle everyone (including me) need!


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newOldUser Offline

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Posted: May 16 2005,16:55 QUOTE

Good topic!.... I think this is a very misunderstood subject.

For me DSL was the first 'Live-CD' that I used. At the time I needed something to run on some old equipment that I had.  DSL ran just fine as a 'live-cd' but then I thought, if it runs this good from a cd then it will run even better from a hard drive.  I figured it would free up my cd reader, load faster and maybe use less RAM. The other thing that drove me to install it on a hard drive was... ALL OTHER OS's THAT I HAD TRIED REQUIRED THEM TO BE INSTALLED... I just figured that you had to if you wanted the best results.

The Forums and the Documentation section has done a pretty good job of describing How To do a particular installation (like frugal or poorman or USB) but I'd like to see one web page that shows the pros and cons of all the types of installation. Perhaps it could have some suggestions like, if you have less then 64 megs of RAM use the xxxx to run DSL or if you have no hard drive use yyyy method to run DSL, if you're runing on an intel 386-16 use zzzz method, etc.  

Thanks for your interest.

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namezk Offline

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Posted: May 16 2005,19:01 QUOTE

I did a hd install because it boots much faster than using the 1x cdrom drive I have (especially after I modified the knoppix-autoconfig file).
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SaidinUnleashed Offline

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Posted: May 16 2005,19:42 QUOTE

Bah. You really ought to use frugal.

For most people, it will do everything you want it to.

Especially since the advent of the persistant /home and /opt directories.

Even I, the Great Bastion of Hdinstalledness and Lord Master of Hard-headdedness have switched to frugal now.
except on one box, anyway...
There's no reason to to a regular hdinstall anymore.

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Quick Reply: Why do I still do regular HD installs of DSL?

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