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Frano Offline

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Posted: Dec. 02 2003,17:47 QUOTE

In early August of 2003 I downloaded DSL v.0.4.2 (which was then the latest release).  Unfortunately, I have been unable to keep up with the numerous releases since then and so I wanted to know how I could capitalise on Linux' open-source environment to customise this distro without downloading the latest version.

My main areas of customization would be:
1) Enabling the dynamic creation and display of desktop icons.
2) Modification of the boot up procedure so I don't have to set the resolution, etc. each time I boot from the hd.
3) Installation of both linux & non-linux software.
4) Removal of currently unwanted components.

If there's a DSL pro out there who could assist, i'd gladly appreciate it.

P.S. Could anyone post a copy of their enhance script for me?
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woverin Offline

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Posted: Dec. 02 2003,19:12 QUOTE

This is the same questions that want to know
How to customize DSL ?
Some guy point me out to since DSL is based on knoppix distro.
It would be nice if the creator of DSL has could write a mini howto mod DSL if he has time.
Anyway, I love this distro very much.
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Crotalus Offline

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Posted: Dec. 03 2003,02:08 QUOTE

1) Hmm, Not Sure. Upgrade flux-box?

2) To change bootup procedures edit the lilo.conf file in the /etc/ dir. The NeoMagic Card 'Mini-Tut' I wrote on this fourm shows a more detailed way to get a framebuffered console and (rather by accident) how to add kernel parameters, go check it out.

3) Well, If you have internet then you can use 'apt-get' to get diffrent software (like gcc and make). If you don't, well unless someone can correct me on this, you're screwed. And by 'Non-Linux software' do you mean Windoze software? Use WINE or one of it's diffrent versions. Or if you mean DOS software, get DOSEMU. (DSL doesn't have make or gcc, so you have to get them when installing non-binary packages, also a thread on here about that too...)

4) I think there is something on here about how to uninstall using the 'apt-get' utils or something of the sort, do a search.

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Quick Reply: DSL modification and tweaking.

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