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Topic: Dillo 0.8.0 out!, Will it be included in the next DSL ;) ?< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
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Posted: Feb. 10 2004,20:31 QUOTE

Here's the changelog...

Dillo project

dillo-0.8.0 [Feb 08, 2003]

- * Added a right-mouse-button popup for images!
  Patch: Frank de Lange, Eric Gaudet, Jorge Arellano
- * Made main document window grab focus on startup, fullwindow,
    and after open url (BUG#330)
  * Set Ctrl-U to focus the location entry,
    Ctrl-R to reload, and Ctrl-H to hide controls.
  Patches: Johan Hovold, Jorge Arellano, Stephan Goetter
- * Added a missing handler for broken-connection condition.
  Patch: Jorge Arellano, Phil Pennock
- * Introduced a new way of handling dillo plugins! Now the
  communications and managing is done by a daemon: dpid.
  This comes with a lot of advantages described in Dpid.txt.
  Patch: Programming: Ferdi Franceschini; Design: Jorge Arellano
- * Wrote documentation for dpid (Dpid.txt).
  * Removed a memory leak in Get_line().
  Patches: Jorge Arellano, Ferdi Franceschini
- * Developed a plugin for downloads. It uses wget and can handle several
  connections at the same time.
  * Developed stress tests for both dpid and the downloads dpi.
  Patches: Ferdi Franceschini
- * Adapted dpi.c to manage plugins through dpid.
  * Improved the incoming dpi-stream processing to accept images from a dpi.
  * Added/updated lots of dpi-related comments.
  * Updated the dpi1 spec.
  * Removed the forced end-to-end reload that was set upon dpis. Now,
    dpi-generated pages can be cached.
  * Made dillo able to handle multiple plugins (still lacks a dynamic API)
  * Wrote bare bones plugins for handling: FTP and HTTPS.
  * Wrote an example plugin: HELLO  --kind of "Hello world".
  * Made all the bindings to make it work (fully commented).
  * Added code for automatical and non-blocking dpid start!
  * Added an extensible secondary URL convenience for popup menus.
  * Attached the image popup to the link menu (when the link is an image).
  * Removed a memory leak in the selection code (commands.c).
  * Cleaned up memory handling when reusing the GioChannel for IPv6.
  * Removed a race-condition-polling-CPU-hog bug in IO! (hairy... ;)
  * Adapted the generic parser to make HTML error detection, providing
    the line number and a hint (expected tag) in the error message!
  * Added a bug-meter button that shows the count of detected HTML errors
    (left click shows the errors, right click offers a validation menu).
  * Added information about optional, required and forbidden end tags.
  * Modified the parser's handling of closing tags to account for elements
    with an optional close tag, and for more accurate diagnosis messages.
  * Added 'use_old_parser' option to dillorc (boolean).
  * Fixed the handling of HEAD and BODY elements to account for their
    double optional condition (both open and close tags are optional).
  * Added the MSG() macro to msg.h and replaced g_print() with it.
  * Added the "show_msg" dillorc option to disable MSG().
  * Increased the number of warning messages reported by gcc.
  * Solved a lot of signed/unsigned problems.
  * Made the necessary cleanups/bug-removals for the new warning level.
  * Connected the dpi stream to the cache using the CCC!
  * Fixed the cache API by introducing the new call a_Capi_get_buf().
  * Fixed a race condition and a multiple request problem.
  * Cleaned up the code for the progressbar widgets.
  * Standarized unix domain sockets with AF_LOCAL for portability.
  * Minor cleanups for a smooth compile on older systems (libc5).
  * Fixed the handling of P element for the HTML nesting checks.
  * Set Ctrl-B for bookmarks shortcut (instead of Alt-B).
  Patches: Jorge Arellano
- * Enhanced the speed of the actual selection of text.
  * Added command line option --debug-rendering.
  * Added "button_sensitive" attribute to DwWidget, which is needed to
    make <BUTTON>'s accessable at all. (They were inaccessable since the
    introduction of text selection!)
  * Changed behaviour of DwButton, see NOTE at beginning of dw_button.c.
  * Added "collapsing margins" to DwPage.
  * Added CSS "list-style-type" and "display" equivalents to DwStyle, changed
    definition of "font", replaced "nowrap" by "white-space", and renamed
    "link" to "x_link".
  * DwBullet now uses DwStyle for the bullet type, made necessary changes
    in HTML parser.
  * Changed DwStyleLength, now only pixel values and percentages are
    supported. (For CSS, anything else will be done elsewhere.)
  * Added word backgrounds to DwPage (not yet used.)
  * Added the possibility to clip widget drawings (new function
  * Made images showing the ALT text as long as no image data has been
  * Cleaned up event handling and related code: "link_*" signals now return
    gboolean, and DwWidget events are signals.
  * Moved DwRectangle and related to dw.c.
  * Rewrote idle drawing, fixed BUG#202.
  * Removed p_Dw_widget_queue_clear*.
  * Added --enable-rtfl option to configure.
  * Fixed a bug in findtext (wrong highlighting).
  * Many changes in scrolling: added x coordinate (except for anchors), and
    DW_[VH]POS_INTO_VIEW position. Added x coordinate also to DilloUrl.
  Patches: Sebastian Geerken
- * Fixed bug in DwImage::link_clicked signal.
  Patch: Stephan Goetter, Frank de Lange (simultaneously and independent :-)
- * Fixed memory leak in Html_tag_open_isindex.
  * Added numerical keypad cursor keys navigation.
  * Changed return values of Dw event methods from gint to gboolean.
  * Cleaned up debug message generation by using glib wrappers.
  * Replaced DwStyle::SubSup by new DwStyleVAlignType values, and
    DwStyle::uline and DwPage::strike by new DwStyle::text_decorations.
  * Added new convenience macros DW_WIDGET_HEIGHT, DW_WIDGET_CONTENT_HEIGHT,
 (*)Added configure options to disable either: png, jpeg or gif.
 (*)Fixed for proper library linking for dpis and dpid.
 (*)Improved libpng detection.
  Patches: Jörgen Viksell
- * Fixed wrong handling of coordinates in ISMAP and USEMAP images.
  * Added a hand-shaped cursor to input controls of type image.
  * Fixed a off-by-one memory leak in Dw(Ext)Iterator.
  * Fixed NULL result handling of p_Dw_widget_text_iterator() in DwBullet,
    DwHRuler and DwImage.
  * Made dpid/ aware of $(DESTDIR).
  * Fixed wrong return value of a_Findtext_search for widget == NULL.
  Patches: Frank de Lange
- * Fixed a bug in Dw cursor code.
  Patch: Frank de Lange, Sebastian Geerken
- * Corrected marshal functions for DwWidget signals.
  Patch: Anders Gavare, Sebastian Geerken
- * Added support for anchors using the "id" attribute (BUG#495).
  * Defined dillo's version-string in one place only:
  Patch: Francis Daly
- * Removed a segfault source with corrupted MIME types in HTTP (BUG#501).
  * Made SPAM-safe URLs aware of image buttons (BUG#508).
  Patch: Francis Daly, Jorge Arellano
- * Added a web search dialog (with toolbar icon, shortcut: Ctrl-S).
    The search engine can be set in dillorc (defaults to google).
  Patch: Johan Hovold, Jorge Arellano
- * Fixed a problem with libpng options detection (
  Patch: Rubén Fernández
-(*)Added "pthreads" (with an "s") detection to
  Patch: Andreas Schweitzer
- * Added the "-geometry" switch to the CLI.
  Patch: Jorge Arellano, Jan Dittmer
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John Offline

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Posted: Feb. 22 2004,02:23 QUOTE

Dillo is a bit of a special case, because the Dillo being used in DSL is highly patched up to bring it to a higher level of functionality (frames, tabs, and SSL).  The patches need to be updated before I'll make the jump.
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Quick Reply: Dillo 0.8.0 out!

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