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andrewphoto Offline

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Joined: June 2005
Posted: Oct. 05 2005,12:48 QUOTE

The other day, I heard somewhere, can't remember where, that 50% of software sales is anti-virus software.
FIRST time I went on the net was only the other month, with DSL, FANTASTIC.
Trying not to use up too much time trawling this subject, but a five minute google coughed up annual US software sales at $200 to $240 to $330.7 billion.
So if Norton and the likes are raking in like 165.35 billion bucks a year, my question is, I mean, like, we've had computers now not for 2 minutes, but like, 15 YEARS; who/what/where etc. these viruses come from??????
I am not cynical by nature, I have faith in human nature, but I am sceptical (Greek verb; skeptome - to think.)
   Personally speaking, I find this 'topic' MOST INTERESTING.
   Would I ever purchase anti-virus software - not a cat in Hells chance.
   Looks to me like scullduggery and perhaps anti-Christ, and God knows what?
   Do I believe that Norton and that are Holier than Thou, not a cat in Hells chance.
   I hope y'all catch my gist.
Would gratefully love to see some wax lyrical down this thread re this matter, like I said, one of my TOP interests.
P.s. Love and Light to Y'All. AndyP.
P.p.s. Take No Prisoners.
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Borderpatrol Offline

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Posted: Oct. 05 2005,13:35 QUOTE

People buy because they are scared into needing it.

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NVIDA 256 5200

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andrewphoto Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 189
Joined: June 2005
Posted: Oct. 05 2005,14:08 QUOTE

Mmm, fear.
Primal emotion.

Checkout the Fear & Love lifeline in 'Donnie Darko,' surely a work of GENIUS, and from quite a young guy. If you think it's a dark movie, well, read, wikipedia.
Love the movie, think it's one of the very best, for ages.
Can't wait for 'V for Vendetta.'
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salan3 Offline

Group: Awaiting Authorisation
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Joined: Jan. 2004
Posted: Oct. 06 2005,12:16 QUOTE

I spent yesterday evening removing over 1040 (yes 1040) spyware hooks from a friends system (XP Home). He has antivirus and internet security included with his broardband. No antispyware though! He has noew though!
I think that spyware is more of a threat then viruses these days. Long live DSL!
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Your Fuzzy God Offline

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Joined: July 2005
Posted: Oct. 06 2005,15:18 QUOTE

Check out my website:

and go to Repair-->Protection.

There we have some of our FAQs.  This is a flyer we hand out that talks about these sorts of problems.  

There is NO need to EVER BUY an antivirus or antispyware program.  The best ones on the market work on donations.  Mostly people are mislead by places like the geek $quad that hire high school kids with 0 experience with any type of computer.  These places cost the average computer user hundreds to thousands of dollars a year because of their ignorance and that's how they profit.  If all you know how to do is install window$, don't try and repair a computer.  These companies make me sick.

Don't shop Best Buy,

Good Luck

**Bienvienidos a la revolución**
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