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Mechcozmo Offline

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Joined: Sep. 2004
Posted: Jan. 08 2005,05:29 QUOTE

I burnt a copy of DSL v0.9.2.  I stuck it into my Windoze box... it  started WinXP.  After some BIOS settings being changed around, DSL loaded.

Firefox and Dillo both couldn't find any websites.
Pinging valid IPs didn't work.

Strange, but I just wanted to install DSL to my USB drive.  It is a Lexar JumpDrive with 128MB of RAM on it.  The "Install to USB pendrive" option, after I click on it, give me a quick flash of a black screen (think bash prompt) and then goes away.  That's it.  CPU usage stays around 1%

I don't think that is what is supposed to happen...

I'm a Mac kinda guy, but I know my way around the BSD subsystem there, so a command prompt isn't something that I'm afraid of.  Its just frustrating that it didn't work.  I've also used enough of Linux to know what sda1 is compared to hda2.

My system specs:
Athlon XP 2500+ (1833Mhz)
USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports
VIA AV7600 motherboard, latest BIOS version (1006)

Any clue? ???
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ke4nt1 Offline

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Posted: Jan. 08 2005,05:56 QUOTE

We would need a little more info from you to guide you properly...

What type of internet connection are you using?
( modem, nic/router, wireless )

Reading thru the search feature here in the forums,
there is a lot of info on how to properly prepare
your USBkey for use in booting/running linux from it.

I have several threads posted on using DSL
on that exact USBkey.  Mine works great..
It boots 5 ways, from bios, from inside windows,
from inside linux, from floppy, and from CD.

It may need some work on it's formatting
before you can use it for running a linux distro on it..

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Mechcozmo Offline

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Posts: 33
Joined: Sep. 2004
Posted: Jan. 08 2005,22:46 QUOTE

It's a cable connection.

Cable Modem->Router->Wireless Router->Hub->That computer, iMac, eMac.  In XP, I can connect to the internet.  When I choose the "Configure Network Card" option I get a purdy screen saying that it didn't find anything that I can use.  Its just the integrated GigE port on the motherboard.

I've formatted it as a FAT32 volume, but I'll look around and see what other things I can do to it.  I assumed that because it wasn't a hard drive, and a sold-state chip, there wasn't much else beside a type of formatting.  Guess I was wrong there...

EDIT: Did some searching but still no go on how to format it.  I've tried so far:
FAT32 (formatted from both Disk Utility and Windows something-or-other)
Unix File System (So says Disk Utility-- don't know what it really is but what the hell)
I saw one post that mentioned drive geometry, but didn't talk much about it.  Anyone care to enlighten me?
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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: Jan. 10 2005,04:20 QUOTE

I believe that the install to USB script requires an Internet connection because the USB boot image is downloaded from the web site.

So I wouldn't bother trying to get the thumb drive installed until you find a computer that will boot up the DSL CD and give you access to the Internet.
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tronik Offline

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Posted: Jan. 10 2005,05:02 QUOTE

Try one of the USB Key HOWTOs in the HOWTO section. One I wrote details how to prepare your USB key for a DSL install without using anything but Windows XP.

hopefully that will help. enjoy.

atlanta, GA, USA

DSL 1.0+2.4.27/sata : P4 2.4norwood : 512ddr2 : nvgf4ti4200-64 : 128mbLexar Jumpdrive Elite
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