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Posted: Feb. 01 2006,21:57 QUOTE

I am new to linux as well as dsl. But at the moment I have run out of time and have no time left to format my disk for the next 10 days. My disk is sqapped and my register is clogged and bloathed.
Yet I need to use my pc.

I heard of dsl and it might just be the cure I need.

I need to run it inside winxp after boot.
I have a laptop with 512 mb ram and p mobile (3 or 4 years old) with 1.7 ghz Cpu.

Can I get pointers where to read up on how to run dsl from inside winxp? All the functionality I will be needing is a browser and a notepad/writer and maybe calc.

I have tried knoppix live CD but it was so slow. Impossible to use. Even slower then winxp. Will I get speed from using DSL? That is running purely from memory?

Can someone pls tell what I need to do to get dsl embedded running? And just to mention it, my drive is formatted in NTFS:-( I have currently about 900 mb free disk space. How can I save files, like txt files? Will dsl recognize my no-name USB 1.1 thumdrive or my hacked Ipodshuffle?

Can someone give links or a easy to understand laymans language guide to what I need to do to get things working?

I am in so much pain, pls help me.
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Posted: Feb. 02 2006,16:36 QUOTE

Ok. So I got it running. Hihi.
Was easy. Did not see the readme file. Sry.

Ok so I am running Linux or DSL inside windows. Great. It is fast. But I can not get a connection to internet from DSL embedded. Somehow when booting it failed to see my dialup modem. And what is whith the desktop? It is som small.

1: How can I make DSL see my modem so I can get a dial-up?

2: I need to make the linux desktop bigger. As of now it covers maybe 1/3 of my screen. I have 14" screen with 1400x1050 res. So I need that space. How do I make DSL use it all?

3: How to store anything donw in DSL? If I connect a usb drive, what commands to make it seen in DSL and how to save work there?

I would be so glad for any help here, cause I am new to linux, and need to have DSL running due to workload.
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Posted: Feb. 02 2006,16:42 QUOTE

To run DSL insode windows, unzip and then dbl click dsl-windows.bat.
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Posted: Feb. 03 2006,04:26 QUOTE

Running DSL from the livecd is faster than running it from within MSWindows as DSL-embedded.  Consider downloading the dsl ISO file and burn the image file into a CD-R disk and then set your computer BIOS to boot from CDROM.

As for DSL-embedded, you can go full-screeen by pressing


and you can jump back to windowed mode by pressing CTRL-ALT-F again.

You cannot directly access a USB drive from within DSL embedded.

DSL-embedded is actually DSL but it is running inside of a "Virtual PC" program called QEMU.  This program is kinda like an IBM PC simulator.  It creates a (slow) fake PC system (Pentium II CPU) inside of the simulator and a fake hard drive etc.

So DSL embedded does not actually talk to your "real" hardware.

However, there is a fake hard drive called "hdb" inside DSL-embedded.

You can put stuff there by opening up the DSL file manager called emelfm and go to


directory.  Then Right-Click on the hdb directory and choose "Mount" from the menu.  You can then copy files over to this drive and they will still be there after you have "rebooted" your fake PC.
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Radieon Offline

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Posted: Feb. 03 2006,18:55 QUOTE

Also if you want to store something on a usb drive, I believe that you can plug it in before you boot DSL. After the desktop appears, open rxvt and type:
Code Sample
mount /dev/sda1

assuming that /dev/sda1 is your usb drive.  Most usb drives show up as a /dev/sd[a-f]#


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Quick Reply: What do I need to run DSL embedded on winxp?

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