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kerrymaid Offline

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Joined: Dec. 2006
Posted: Dec. 23 2006,21:30 QUOTE


This may be a basic enough query but here it goes:

I have installed DSL on my laptop (that runs windows xp). The reason I installed DSL is because I want to run a linux based application that I downloaded to the desktop of my laptop (on windows) using DSL. My question is how do I do that? Or do I actually need to download the file using DSL also (I would like to avoid that if possible as the files are very big)

Many thanks.
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scot Offline

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Joined: Dec. 2006
Posted: Dec. 25 2006,00:14 QUOTE

Too hard to say.  You need to provide more information.  What is the application and what form is it in?  (binary, source?, .deb package)  You shouldn't need to physically download the program again, but whether 'just any' linux based application will 'just run' on DSL is another question.
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cdr Offline

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Joined: April 2006
Posted: Dec. 25 2006,03:22 QUOTE

Its easy.  Install Samba from MyDSL under Network.  It is mis-named because its really the linneighborhood Samba client application.  It will allow you to mount your Windows shares from DSL.

It will work best if you go into settings and give it your windows login and password from your host machine.

I tried to find this answer for a long time and finally someone made this suggestion.

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cmanb Offline

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Posted: Dec. 26 2006,23:57 QUOTE

so you have a dual boot xp + dsl system on a laptop.

what is the application, and what file format is it in?

it seems to me that the easiest thing to do will be boot into dsl and download the app.  make sure that there's not an extension for it in the repository, because that will obviously be the easiest way to load it.  otherwise, you'll likely need to do some work to get it running depending on if you need to compile it or apt-get it or what have you.

essentially, as scot said, you need to provide a little more information about what exactly it is you're trying to do.

Heavens to Murgatroid!
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Thelvyn Offline

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Posted: Dec. 27 2006,20:27 QUOTE

Assuming from what you said you have a dual boot on your laptop, downloaded using windows, rebooted into linux on same machine.
If these things are not true disregard following :P

If you have already downloaded it to the laptop (Seems you have) you need to mount the partition that the file is located on.
Right click on desktop for menu, under system select(click on) Mount Tool.
It will say fd0 and underneath it unmounted(This is default)
Click on where it says fd0 and cycle through till you find the partition you are looking for.
On my dual boot machine its hda1 yours may be different. When you get to the appropriate partition click where it says unmounted(If it says mounted there is no need) It should change to mounted.

Browse to the file and either run it from there or copy it to your home dir(Normally).
The rest will greatly depend on what type of file it is.
If you still need assistance give us more information about the file and its type and of course is it a binary or source code app.
Like is it a .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, etc...
Hope this helps :)
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