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UART Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2006
Posted: Oct. 04 2006,15:23 QUOTE

I was at home in my lab pondering how to make DSL not smaller, faster. . . so I bought a dsl disk.
Installed it, loved it! Then I was thinking how can I make this faster? Physics taught me that smaller is faster when on spin; So I took my dremel out, opened and hacked the motor controls on my spare CD-ROM to make it spin at any speed (faster) possible, layed it on my desk (wear protection, dude :p Remember that movie "I come in peace" with the flying disc?) and cut my disc to the size of 2.5in exactly (took many tries to get it right to preserve the foil) Now it spins up faster. . . but not fast enough.

After spraying the disk black I thought about Atmel's Flash Chips "" and said "hm Ino,Ino, How about. . .

Damn Small Linux on a PCI (EISA) card with dual boot capability (for other operating systems) embedded within a flash?

Obtaining detailed PCI specs was diminutive.
So why didn't I choose USB? Because this is an added stack with different variations (hi-speed, legacy, etc) and needs software for older BIOS and PC to see anything afterwards connected to it. PCI is always seen, the closest to the processor w/o additional software/firmware stacks and its been around long enough to start designing with I figured.
You like small? Imagine: DSL in a PCI 1x slot!  ???
Now I can go as fast as I want - 1x 4x 8x so on. . . depending on DSL's PCI cardtype.

Upgrades  and fixes are "flashed right in" straight from websites and are displayed on the dual boot screen menu!

What you think?
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fioddor Offline

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Posted: Oct. 13 2006,12:33 QUOTE

Interesting.    r:-m

Are there such flash cards available? How much do they cost? Who manufactures them?
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Baldraka Offline

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Posted: Oct. 22 2006,06:37 QUOTE

I wander through every once in a while.  Staying busy and all.  Anyway... these PCI cards do exist.  2 minutes snooping on GOOGLE brought up this one.

No idea on cost here.  But if one company makes them...
Anyway.  I really like the idea of putting DSL on a PCI card.  That frees up other ports for the systems specific function.  Not to mention it would baffle most vandals.  Of course, to me, the logical attachment to this would be to make the PCI disk first load the operating system into RAM then immediately make the OS forget it exists... as Hackproof as your going to get without pure ROM getting involved.  Just a thought.  This is the ideas section, after all.

BTW... your system is VERY fun to play with... now I have to get cracking and develope my Linux knowledge to rival my Microsquash knowledge.  A tough feat... unfortunately... oops... I am rambling.
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roberts Offline

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Posted: Oct. 22 2006,17:42 QUOTE

I have instaled DSL on DiskOnAChip devices.

Also the MSTI EmbedDisk 64MB device. This is the storage device used in the tiny Ebox (4.5"x5.5"x2.5")

Usually boot from a pendrive and frugal install to flash device.
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