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sijisunny Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2005
Posted: June 25 2008,07:59 QUOTE

Am exploring about to enable Indian language support in DSL.Specially in Firefox and any of the editor with Indic support.
Any suggestion
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kuky Offline

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Joined: May 2005
Posted: June 26 2008,21:31 QUOTE

with firefox i think you can download the indian ver in format .tar but if you choose the ( the last ver ff2) only have to copy in /opt and tar -xzvf ffblabla.tar.gz , goes to firefox and exec...the keyboard indian i do not know if is in the dsl panel control keyboard...the fff3 need more libs , libc6-2.3.2-22sarge6.dsl and gtk 2.12.9.uci ???(ask to meo)

to do a ffindian.uci

" of another kuky post"

Summary of recent works of kukylabs in doing a uci file with dsl style (menus files and user.tar.gz) with sucess..

1) i made the untar firefox20011 of the spanish ver(firefox. in opt i add with mydsl gtk2 0705.dsl and run fine (only some warnigs of type translate i think by gtk2.dsl procedures)...

2) i rename  /opt/firefox by opt/esfirefox20011(i put first es to easy find the spanish versions in the repository).

3) i made with beaver /tmp/ with the line

[exec] (esfirefox20011) { /opt/esfirefox20011/firefox}

copy a icon esfirefox20011.xpm to /tmp/mydsl.icons/esfirefox20011.xpm
(the xpm is the result of convert with xpaint icon.png to icon.xpm)
( i no made lnk and icon to .xdesktop to ver 3.xx)

4) i made a list file with beaver in tmp with the lines

( i no made lines to lnk and icon in .xdesktop to ver 3.xx)

5) i type in aterm root (how i understand of page 205 of official book)

  a) # chown -R 0.0  /opt/
  b) # chown -R 0.0  /tmp/
  c)  # chown -R 1001.50 /home/dsl/
  d)  # chown 1001.50 /tmp/
  e) # chown 1001.50 /tmp/mydsl.icons/esfirefox20011.xpm

6) i create the user.tar.gz with

# tar -C / -T /tmp/list -czvf /opt/esfirefox20011/user.tar.gz

(its done a user.tar.gz of 50 kb )

7)  i make the uci in /opt (emelfm) with

# mkisofs -R -hide-rr-moved  esfirefox20011 | create_compressed_fs - 65536 > /tmp/esfirefox20011.uci (and the uci its done after several lines of iso...)

8) test the uci (a or b).

a) i copy the uci in sda1 and rename the original /opt/esfirefox20011 by /opt/aesfirefox20011 and do the same in tmp / and tmp/ mydsl.icons/  and reinice the pc.

b) run the dsl iso-cd and with mydsl app run the uci

to do the same with OOo begin with

Dowload OOo*..tar.gz  version linuxintel  of

#tar -zxvf OOo*.tar.gz


#for FILENAME in *.rpm ; do exec rpm2cpio "$FILENAME" | cpio -i -d ; done

you can go to /OOo and run soficce with exec...

to do the uci goes to point 2

if its run send to roberts to put in mydsl extensions with the info and md5sum

beers to sisjisunny
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Quick Reply: Indian Language Support in DSL

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